Bitcoin has hit the 60.000$ mark.
Is it already too late?
Here you will learn to make your first steps into the cryptoworld
Is it too late or just the beginning?
Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain.
There's hardly any topics that is more wildly discussed nowadays than crypto. The main question to ask for bloody beginners is if it is already too late. And if not, where to start?
Crypto is not very different from other financial markets. To make money here we have to learn WHEN to buy low and sell high. WE SHOW YOU HOW!
So where do I start?
There's thousands of cryptoexchanges out there. When it comes to buy bitcoin we decided to choose the biggest in the world.
Did you know..?
.. that there is more than 9000 different cryptocoins other than bitcoin?
.. that more than 130 billion dollars are traded daily in cryptocurrencies?
"Okay, I understand the potential. And how do I make money?"
With the right tools! Like the doctor with his scalpel a professional trader is using effective tools to become successful.
Trading bot, arbitrage bot, indicator bot and others and how they can make life easier. Why do I really need them all or at least one of them. What do you offer to me?
Expectations is a key
If you want to be succesful, you need to know what you` re gonna do today, tomorrow or next year. It`s something about planning your future. What you can consider from bitcoin?

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